unicorn shampoo

★★★★★4.8 (16,000+ reviews)


Turn your hair fantasies into a reality with our new, limited-edition Unicorn Shampoo! A magical blend of sparkling fairy dust, mermaid scales, pixie glitter, and ethically-sourced cotton candy extract, this one-of-a-kind formula is individually handcrafted in Narnia to give your hair mythical levels of rainbow-infused color and shine!

Add it to your daily hair care routine for the ultimate My Little Pony #hairgoals come to life!

Sound too good to be true?!
That’s because it is—APRIL FOOLS’! You can’t get unicorn shampoo (yet!), but you can use code APRILFOOLS to get 20% off all first-time subscription orders (hurry—it ends tomorrow, April 2nd!)


Organic fairy dust, mermaid scales, sustainability-sourced pixie glitter, meteorite powder, freeze-dried rainbow, dragon essence, bubblegum, sugar cube extract, fair-trade crystals, rare celestial oil, cotton candy extract


Rinse hair thoroughly with sparkling cider. Apply a quarter-sized amount of shampoo and work into a lather (you’ll feel the magic working immediately!). Rinse + marvel at the effects—your hair will give off a radiant, rainbow-worthy sparkle + glow!
Founded in 2015 by a world-class team of MIT engineers, wizards, and fairy princesses, Function of Beauty is a hyper-customizable personal care company that utilizes the power of technology to individually formulate products based on each person’s (or mythical creature’s) unique hair type, hair goals, and preferences. Using our proprietary algorithm and a touch of unicorn magic, we're able to create over 27 trillion different customized shampoo and conditioner combinations, ensuring that each product is every bit as magical as the individual using it.