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The fragrance is amazing. My hair has...
The fragrance is amazing. My hair has never looked better!
normal, medium, wavy
strengthen, color protection, anti-frizz, oil control, deep condition
peony tail, strong
verified review
This product is AMAZING..I LOVE IT the...
This product is AMAZING..I LOVE IT the shampoo and conditioner works so good, makes my hair feel soft and it smells AMAZING. THANKS to BRITTANY FURLAN LEE's input on Instagram she was awesome ..great info ..very HAPPY
normal, fine, straight
replenish hair, volumize, lengthen, strengthen, reduce brassiness
(fl)ower to the people, strong
This is my third batch of FOB...
This is my third batch of FOB and it’s worth every penny. When I love something I tell EVERYONE so now have Mum and my sisters hooked too. My hair feels silky smooth and smells wonderful. The new leave in product is brilliant for styling days when you don’t have time to wash and dry your hair. ?❤️
verified review
I've used my customized function of beauty...
I've used my customized function of beauty hair product three times so far. The results that it has given me have been phenomenal! My Curls are more defined with less frizz. I can tell it has done a lot for my split ends! For my medium steak hair I use about two pumps, three of my hair is really dirty. For the conditioner, it's super thick and super useful. I can't wait to order more from function of beauty in the future. XOXO - A very satisfied customer.
dry, fine, curly
curl definition, anti-frizz, volumize, fix split ends, strengthen
all (you)calyptus, medium
verified review
I bought this product for a month...
I bought this product for a month or two ago and I really like it. It makes my hair very soft and shiny but doesn't leave it looking oily on day 2. Would've given it 5 stars, but I found the scent a little strong for my nose even though I chose the mildest option. Would buy again, just maybe in a different scent or scentless.
dry, medium, wavy
hydrate, oil control, anti-frizz, soothe scalp, nourish roots
nude (p)each, light
verified review
I used to heat-style my hair to...
I used to heat-style my hair to within an inch of its life, almost every. single. day. It has a nice wave to it, but the tiniest bit of humidity gives me Monica-Geller-in-Bermuda hair. No matter what shampoo & conditioner or styling product combo I used, I had to at least hit it with the blow dryer or flat iron. Since I started using Function of Beauty, I air dry most of the time. My hair feels soft, looks shiny and smooth, is hydrated, and holds up in normal weather. Plus, I love that i get to customize the scent, and make sure that the cute bottles match my bathroom's aesthetic :)
dry, medium, straight
fix split ends, color protection, volumize, anti-frizz
feeling (f)ineapple, medium
verified review
It’s so hard to find products that...
It’s so hard to find products that work for my very curly hair. I’m very skeptical but so far your products are working great. Would your leave in conditioner work as a curl cream do you think?
dry, medium, coily
soothe scalp, curl definition, anti-frizz, hydrate, deep condition
all (you)calyptus, light
verified review
Normally I would not spend nearly 40...
Normally I would not spend nearly 40 bucks on shampoo and conditioner. No way, No how. I was on Instagram last summer. Somebody did this big fabulous review, I loved the video, loved the review, they had like a huge discount code, so I said “why not?“ My shampoo and conditioner had a special sent that was a beach themed I think it was called “shore thing” It was a temporary Limited addition type thing. And I received a package in the mail it was really cute and definitely Instagram picture worthy. I got the pumps, the colors were so pretty (one was light purple, other a pink or peach color) the smell was FABULOUS! Like my childhood memories: the beach, coppertone, melted popsicles, when people glistened with coconut tropical daiquiri smelling oil because they were not scared of skin cancer -yet. That’s with the smell reminded me of. A beautiful sun tan lotion from my childhood. I loved it. I think I smelled it so many times I nearly destroyed my olfactory senses LOL But then I washed my hair. Now, I had just bleached my hair two different times, just to achieve the perfect platinum color so I could then dye it a pretty lavender color. My hair was kind of short so the damage was minimal at this point. A teeny bit of dryness but nothing a deep conditioner could not knock out. But with my normal shampoo and conditioner I still needed to use my “oui” leave in conditioning spray.. I shampooed twice, conditioned liberally and let it sit for probably 10 minutes or more. When it was rinsing out my hands were gliding through my hair. Are used my wide tooth comb to Detangle in the shower and it was like a miracle it was like silk!! Normally, I have nearly a medium thickness but my hair is straight/kind of fine, oily scalp, it can go limp very quickly. And obviously chemically treated. Realistic looking volume is my lifelong dream LOL having a nice pretty updo or curl my hair without needing hairspray to keep it set all day/night is also my dream... Long story short, sorry about this blabbing session, I was very freaking impressed by everything from the packaging, the smell, the quality, aftermath , etc. I was like dang!!! Because I don’t wash my hair every single day this shampoo lasted me a while. I also would use other shampoos in between depending upon what I needed. I bought a second set a couple of months back in the “peach“ sent. Again adore it. This time I used the purple shampoo specifically for blonde hair. I enjoyed it. I don’t see it on the selection list anymore but that’s OK. Just a few minutes ago I read ordered my shampoo – still have plenty of conditioner left over. The shampoo I chose is in the (strong)scent of coconut/tropical, Color is the limited edition: spring rose/red/ pink color. And I’m kind of excited. So if you are on the fence and the price is a little intimidating and seems quite frankly freaking crazy. Just try it one time. That’s it just give yourself a treat. And see ho
oily, medium, straight
strengthen, volumize, shine, oil control, soothe scalp
for (shore), strong
verified review
I live in the south and the...
I live in the south and the humidity is real!! I spend a lot of time outside in the sun so my hair is normally dry and dizzy and not to mention the amount of heat I use to try and tame the mane. This product is seriously a game changer. After using it only one time, I could tell a difference with my first blowdry. This stuff is amazing. Highly recommend! Shout out to Amanda from the @almostreadyblog for the rec!
oily, fine, wavy
anti-frizz, fix split ends, hydrate, lengthen, reduce brassiness
nude (p)each, medium
verified review
A little disappointed when it arrived, not...
A little disappointed when it arrived, not the colours of bottles are asked for- not even close , I got white instead of orange. Do not smell like pineapple either. Looking forward to seeing how it works though.
dry, medium, curly
hydrate, lengthen, anti-frizz, curl definition, strengthen
feeling (f)ineapple, medium