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Every review submitted on this page is from a real Function of Beauty customer who has purchased a set. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence these reviews. Here you can compare how people of different hair types and hair goals rate their experience with our shampoo and conditioners.

I really wasn't sure what to expect,...
I really wasn't sure what to expect, but gave it a try after reading reviews and seeing it advertised on instragram. I was using Kenra shampoo and conditioner before, but was looking for something different and when I saw that they had the deep purple shampoo that helps with toning hair, I had to try it. I AM SO GLAD I DID! This shampoo and conditioner smells amazing, makes hair tangle free, soft, and less frizzy. I am hooked now. My daughter loves it too. My only wish is that the containers came in larger sizes.
We are only on day one but...
We are only on day one but I am legit excited to wash my hair again tomorrow! I cannot stop smelling my hair, the scent is just amazing! I am an international student in England and have set my subscription to come every month just so I can get the most out of before I move back home at the end of May. This is therefore a request to pleaseeeeeee expand to The Netherlands as soon as possible. I have raved about Function of Beauty to everyone, even my hairdresser is excited!
verified review
Love the product! HATE the dispenser! Have...
Love the product! HATE the dispenser! Have had four bottles and all four did not function like they should. Had to transfer the product into a different container. If your going to make a great product don’t wrap it up and display it with a dispenser that is hard to use.
normal, fine, wavy
volumize, color protection, anti-aging, anti-frizz, straighten
all (you)calyptus, medium
This product is so great. I have...
This product is so great. I have a very sensitive scalp and I had no reaction at all. It made my hair curly and frizz free. I love this product.
Just used my shampoo and conditioner for...
Just used my shampoo and conditioner for the first time and I’m already in love! The fragrance is amazing! My hair feels so soft and looks so shiny, but doesn’t feel weighed down. My scalp is also feeling better than it usually does after I shower. I loved the way it was packaged and my kids love the stickers! I’m very happy with the amount of product you get and the pumps that come with for the price you pay! I’m so glad I decided to try these out! I HIGHLY recommend!
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I was a bit skeptic about purchasing...
I was a bit skeptic about purchasing these products but my expectations were not only met but surpassed! My hair has been feeling dead for years and the shampoo/conditioner made it feel brand new. My hair has never felt this soft!
dry, coarse, coily
curl definition, shine, strengthen, soothe scalp, nourish roots
nude (p)each, strong
verified review
normal, medium, straight
color protection, thermal protection, shine, anti-frizz, strengthen
(fl)ower to the people, strong
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I didn’t quite believe all the hype...
I didn’t quite believe all the hype but OMG it’s amazing! Does exactly everything I need it to do ?
normal, coarse, straight
fix split ends, lengthen, reduce brassiness, color protection, anti-frizz
nude (p)each, medium
verified review
I received my product in the mail...
I received my product in the mail today. It did not take long at all to get to my home. I have used it on my hair once and already have noticed my hair and scalp are much more moisturized. One problem I have with the product is the scent, pear(fection), is overwhelming and I will not be choosing this scent in the future.
dry, medium, wavy
hydrate, lengthen, volumize, anti-frizz, soothe scalp
(pear)fection, medium
verified review
I really do see a difference in...
I really do see a difference in my hair. My only complaint was I chose the strong scent in feeling fineapple and the scent really isn’t that strong. I was told the scent would be very strong! I love for my shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair smelling great for hours after I shower.
oily, fine, wavy
reduce brassiness, deep condition, oil control, anti-frizz, strengthen
feeling (f)ineapple, strong