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Every review submitted on this page is from a real Function of Beauty customer who has purchased a set. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence these reviews. Here you can compare how people of different hair types and hair goals rate their experience with our shampoo and conditioners.

I loved this at first, especially the...
I loved this at first, especially the smell. But after around a month of use I've had to completely stop using this as I've now lost probably 33% of my hair due to hair fall in the shower. I seriously want to cry. I already have a hard enough time growing my hair out, and now I have to basically start all over because I decided to take a chance on a shampoo. Never again. I wish I could return it. So upset...
normal, fine, wavy
color protection, anti-frizz, lengthen, volumize, thermal protection
sandalwood violet, medium
This is the absolute best hair product...
This is the absolute best hair product that I have ever purchased. I have dealt with trichotillomania (pulling out hair, due to anxiety) my entire life and am often trigged when my hair feels either oily or dry--this shampoo/conditioner has, already in a week, made my hair so healthy that I have not pulled for 4 days now!!!! For me, 4 days is huge. Not only has this product been amazing for my emotional health, but my hair looks fantastic --I've never received so many compliments. Also love that it's cruelty free!!
dry, fine, wavy
strengthen, lengthen, color protection
all (you)calyptus, light
LOVE this shampoo!! My hair feels so...
LOVE this shampoo!! My hair feels so soft and shiny and we have terribly hard water in Southern California. That speaks volumes! For fine/oily hair, they say to shampoo twice and definitely do that if your hair starts to feel too oily or heavy. Night and day and I’m now addicted to this brand!!
oily, fine, wavy
fix split ends, volumize, oil control, shine, anti-frizz
essential oils, medium
$5 shampoo and condition works just as...
$5 shampoo and condition works just as well. What a waste of money.
oily, fine, wavy
strengthen, volumize, shine, anti-frizz, replenish hair
grapefruit hibiscus, strong
I loved my formula at first but,...
I loved my formula at first but, the more that I use it, it doesn't seem to clean my hair very well. It doesn't appear to solve my oily hair problem; if anything, it seems to exacerbate it. I saw some other reviews of people feeling like it left their hair waxey - I have to agree. Disappointed with this product, especially given the many rave reviews and the price point.
oily, fine, straight
oil control, shine, fix split ends, strengthen
grapefruit hibiscus, medium
Love my shampoo and conditioner! Love giving...
Love my shampoo and conditioner! Love giving gift cards as gifts for my friends and family even more!!!
oily, fine, wavy
straighten, nourish roots, thermal protection, anti-frizz, fix split ends
all (you)calyptus, light
Omg someone has commented on how good...
Omg someone has commented on how good my hair looks today! Last night was my first use and my hair already feels like silk. I’m recommending this to all my friends and family because it’s absolutely amazing and I’m so in love with it! It’s definitely worth the price.
dry, medium, wavy
lengthen, color protection, anti-frizz, deep condition, fix split ends
musk-have, medium
I am so impressed with Function of...
I am so impressed with Function of Beauty's customer service! I was super excited to try Function of Brittney, but I wasn't as satisfied as I wanted to be with the way my hair felt after using the product. I received an email from Ella asking if I was happy with my new shampoo and conditioner. I told her about the problems I had with my hair feeling waxy. She instantly sent me a detailed survey asking about my hair and said she would reformulate and send me a new set. She looked at my hair profile and edited the things that might be causing it. She fixed it all and told me it would be shipped the next day! Her customer service was excellent and I am so excited to receive my new formula within the next few days.
oily, medium, wavy
volumize, oil control, strengthen, color protection, shine
essential oils, medium
No doubts the best hair product I've...
No doubts the best hair product I've ever tried. My hair felt so much better after the first wash. The smell, colors and package is just amazing! I wish you would deliver to Europe as well. Worth the money and everything. xx
normal, medium, curly
deep condition, hydrate, lengthen, curl definition, anti-frizz
essential oils, medium
I've only used this twice and I...
I've only used this twice and I already LOVE it. The smell (although the Musk Have is very much like a men's cologne) stays with you. I'm a night time shower person, and the first night I used it and dried my hair, I wasn't so impressed other than the smell staying with me out of the shower. But then I woke up the next morning, and I swear my hair has never been so silky, smooth, shiny, or manageable overnight. Same thing with day 2, overnight my hair feels and looks better than before! I'll probably tweak my next order for smell difference but other than that, I'm convinced.
normal, medium, straight
thermal protection, replenish hair, strengthen, shine, volumize
musk-have, strong