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Every review submitted on this page is from a real Function of Beauty customer who has purchased a set. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence these reviews. Here you can compare how people of different hair types and hair goals rate their experience with our shampoo and conditioners.

Got this for my wife, she...
Got this for my wife, she loves it. Don't tell her I use it sometimes.
normal, fine, straight
color protection, shine, deep condition, fix split ends, lengthen
all (you)calyptus, light
Seriously the best shampoo I've ever used....
Seriously the best shampoo I've ever used. I have (loose) frizzy curly hair (not super curly, i know this is vague but about a 2c/3a on a hair chart), oily scalp, and awful dry dead ends, and on top of that I have super sensitive skin. Finding a shampoo for combination hair WITHOUT sulphates or parabens (especially sulphates) at a good price AND with a good scent is really difficult. I am not even a full week into using my shampoo and I already see a difference... My custom shampoo was targeted at defining my curls and fixing my awful combination hair. After the FIRST wash, my curls were bouncier and smoother. I'm following the instructions of shampooing 4-5 times a week (which is unheard of for me - my hair usually gets greasy within 24 hours) and it's painfully easy. My hair stays clean for so much longer than it normally does. The conditioner is amazing on my hair. I typically brush out my wet curls after I shower and let them dry into weird frizzy kinks and coils, but when brushing and air drying my hair after using this stuff, my hair bounces back into smooth, hydrated curls. I can even brush my hair after its dried without it getting frizzy (keep in mind my hair isn't super curly). A lot of the one star reviews are complaints about leaving hair dry and frizzy, shampoo not being fluffy enough, etc. This is the reality of paraben and sulphate free shampoo. If your hair is used to needing sulphates for shine and hydration, it will take a while to get used to more natural moisture. This product is salon quality and not overpriced for its benefits.
I feel such a difference with my...
I feel such a difference with my hair! I absolutely tell my friends that they must try this product. My hair smells great and my curls look incredible!
My hair is the healthiest it has...
My hair is the healthiest it has ever been!!
normal, fine, curly
anti-frizz, curl definition, strengthen, lengthen, shine
essential oils, medium
I was very skeptical on this. The...
I was very skeptical on this. The price alone is more than I would want to spend but when I got to thinking about it...I spend more than this cost me on trying to find a shampoo I like that works and when I don't, I have to go buy another. So I have several bottles of almost completely full shampoo and conditioner that I never use. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair and it really does feel better. Is it making it grower faster (one of my option haha)? Not really sure. But over time I think it will help my hair.
normal, fine, straight
lengthen, volumize, strengthen, fix split ends, color protection
peony tail, light
I used my shampoo and conditioner for...
I used my shampoo and conditioner for the first time tonight and I'm a little bit in love! My hair smells like pina colada, it's soft and semi sleek without straightening and there's no horrible residue build up! The bottle design like many have said could be changed for better ease of use but over all I'm very happy!
oily, coarse, wavy
fix split ends, anti-frizz, thermal protection, replenish hair, strengthen
feeling (f)ineapple, strong
I love Function of Beauty. My...
I love Function of Beauty. My formulation works wonders on my hair. I have not found another shampoo and conditioner that does what these products can do. They are well made and I have purchased them more than any other brand's products, ever.
oily, fine, wavy
strengthen, lengthen, thermal protection, nourish roots, soothe scalp
musk-have, medium
Loving everything about this product! Can’t wait...
Loving everything about this product! Can’t wait to try the next fragrance!
This is truthfully by far the best...
This is truthfully by far the best shampoo I’ve ever used. My hairdresser of 15 years asked me what I was using because my hair has never been so healthy. I’m on my third order and actually had FOB formulate via email this time in lieu of the hair quiz. They sent me the selections of hair goals with the shampoo and conditioner. I’m very impressed and have spread the word. Love it!!!
oily, fine, straight
color protection, lengthen, volumize, oil control, replenish hair
feeling (f)ineapple, strong
I love this product so much. The...
I love this product so much. The colors are beautiful, but I had a bit of a mix up with my last shipment. I was supposed to get nude peach but I think I got fragrance-free.. not a huge issue because it’s just a scent. The product is still amazing for my hair!