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custom facial moisturizer

1.5oz | $44.99

custom facial moisturizer

1.5oz | $44.99

Hydrate with a custom moisturizer that seals in your complete regimen.

  • bulletskin-quenching hydration
  • bulletlocked-in smoothness
  • bulletmajor skin conditioning
  • bulletdermatologist-tested,
  • bulletdermatologist-tested, non-irritating
  • bulletsuitable for sensitive
  • bulletsuitable for sensitive skin
Skin Bundle


The Custom Dream Team:
Cleaner + Serum + Moisturizer


base ingredients

Your unique moisturizer formula will be constructed with these core ingredients.

tsubaki oil: A flower native to Japan, tsubaki oil helps skin retain moisture.

squalane: Our vegan squalane helps seal in moisture, balance oil production, and protect.

vitamin e: An antioxidant that helps prevent skin damage from environmental stressors.


recommended use

After serum, add a dab of moisturizer to your hands and apply evenly all over your face. In the morning, follow this with your regular SPF routine. Can be used AM and/or PM.


great for...

Function of Beauty skin care is recommended for all skin types as each product is specially formulated to address your unique skin goals and needs.

the breakdown

Not all moisturizers are created equal for your skin type. The skin quiz will match you with one of the following:

custom gel moisturizer

A water-based moisturizer formula that hydrates while feeling light and bouncy.

Custom Gel Moisturizer

custom lotion moisturizer

A quick-absorbing moisturizer, versatile enough for skin to feel nourished in all seasons.

Custom Lotion Moisturizer

custom cream moisturizer

A rich, emollient moisturizer that melts into the driest of skin, making it soft and never greasy.

Custom Cream Moisturizer

high-performing, personalized formulas

Cruelty-free badge Cruelty-free badge Cruelty-free badge Cruelty-free badge Cruelty-free badge Dermatologist tested badge

the people have spoken

*The testimonials were shared by customers who received a sample as part of our testing group.


What's the difference between the three moisturizers?

Our moisturizers provide skin-quenching hydration along with your desired skin goals, in the texture you most prefer.

Custom Gel Moisturizer: A water-based formula for lightweight yet effective hydration, our gel moisturizer’s bouncy, juicy texture immerses into skin.

Custom Lotion Moisturizer: A versatile, quick-absorbing moisturizer for all-seasons, everyday use; great for both morning and night for soft, nourished skin.

Custom Cream Moisturizer: A luxuriously rich, emollient moisturizer, our cream melts into even the driest of skin, leaving it soft and supple, yet not greasy.

What is the fragrance like?

Fragrance-Free: A great option for those with sensitivities. When we say fragrance-free, we truly mean it; unlike “unscented” products, we do not add anything to mask the natural scents of the ingredients. The smell will vary based on your selected goals and their individual ingredients.

(dew) you: Indulge in the rush of natural waters, with notes of cucumber and a hint of citrus for a complete refresh (100% natural). Other customers have said that it’s a fresh scent that reminds them of water!

How do I unlock product formats?

On the final page of the quiz where we recommend your regimen, next to each product name, you’ll see a small arrow. Toggle the arrow to expand the product card, where you’ll be able to pick between our Gel, Lotion, or Cream moisturizer, or select fragrance or fragrance-free for each product in your regimen.

What is the pH of the moisturizers?

Our Custom Gel, and Cream Moisturizers have a pH range of 5.2-6.0, and our Custom Lotion Moisturizer has a pH range of 5.5-6.5.

What is the shelf life / How should the products be stored?

We recommend using Function of Beauty skin care products within 12 months of receiving them, and storing then in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight.