7 Natural Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

As with most things in life, good things come to those who wait. A little source of comfort in regard to hair growth which tests our patience, endurance and willpower to the limits. Whilst there is no overnight miracle cure (sadly), there are natural remedies to nudge follicles along.

It starts with a shampoo
Like your skin, the pores on your scalp get clogged. Use a clarifying shampoo to deeply cleanse flaky scalps to make it easier for hair to break through pores and grow faster.

All in the technique
Rapid hair growth stems from the scalp. As you lather your clarifying shampoo into your hair, massage at the scalp in circular motions. This stimulates blood flow to the area which feels the scalp with nutrients to help fuel hair growth.

Up your protein intake
Protein is the body’s natural fertilizer which helps everything from muscles to hair grow faster and stronger. Try to top up with protein rich foods such as eggs, almonds and chicken and applying topically with protein rich shampoo.

Try to relax
Increased stress levels trigger a spike in cortisol which slows the metabolism and in effect, hair growth. Whilst it’s not always easy to ‘just relax’, it’s important to incorporate time each day to release stress through whichever means relaxes you.

Swap to silk
It’s totally cool to carry our princess like demands when it comes to your hair, and a good place to start is swapping to silk pillow cases. The softer, silkier fabric causes fewer breakages due to less friction but also silk holds more moisture than other fabrics which helps condition hair overnight. Also try to braid hair or tie it up to stop it from snapping when you wriggle around as you sleep.

Rinse hair with cool water
If you can stand too – blast hair with cool water at the end of your shower. Just like an ice-cold splash refines the pores on your skin, it does the same to the follicles on your scalp which makes creates a strong grip on stands so they’re less likely to fall out.

Comb carefully
Use a wide-tooth comb to untangle hair when wet as yanking through will either snap or pull hair out from the root (or both). Even when dry, gently comb through hair in sections to minimize damage.

3 Natural Ways To Deal With Frizz For When Everything Else Has Failed

We don’t think any hair dilemma causes as much of a rollercoaster of emotions as frizz. Every time we see a new ‘anti-frizz’ product we’re filled with newfound hope that this will answer all our problems, which is often followed by crashing disappointment.

That said, there is one very simple rule to abide by, healthy hair won’t frizz. When follicles are dry, they start to split of in little strands which ultimately cause a halo effect of frizz. However, just as no two hair types are the same, neither is frizz so a one-size-fits-all products won't always cater to your unique hair type. But in the meantime, there are natural methods to deal with frizz for when everything else has failed.

By brushing your hair regularly, you distribute natural oils secreted at the root across your whole hair to tame frizz. Boar bristle brushes help to hold the oil and almost polish hair to give an all over shine.

Function of Beauty knows that Avocado Oil is rich in Vitamins A and E which strengthens hair so it’s more resilient frizzing. Which is why when you select ‘anti-frizz’ in your hair goal quiz, your personalized formula will be loaded with the best ingredients for sleek, shiny hair.

Sleeping with a silk wrap guarantees waking up frizz free because the fibers in the silk retain moisture. By protecting your hair from dry air, your locks will remain buoyant, moisturized and healthy come morning.

3 Mind Blowing Facts About Straight Hair

Straight hair is known for being two things: smooth and undeviating. It’s the hair you can rely on; You work out, it stays straight; You let it air dry and it’s still straight; You step outside in a category 5 hurricane and yep you guessed it, it stays straight. It’s lovably predictable.

Or not, it transpires. In actual fact, it has a hidden fact file. All is not as it seems. Here’s why:

Wait, what? Incredibly, when any kind of hair grows, it actually grows out in small twists. The only real difference between straight and curly twists is that a curlier texture comes from more twists in the follicle, when a straight one actually just has a finer and lesser amount of twists. These little twists are nearly microscopic to our eyes, but each strand is actually growing out in a twisting motion, not in a straight line.

Another weird fact is that straight hair has the most rounded follicle of all types of hair. Each follicle is perfectly symmetrically round which makes the hair grow out flatter and straighter. Those with curlier locks actually have follicles that grow out in asymmetrical and oval shaped strands, which make for a curlier appearance.

Straight hair is also known to be a recessive gene, which makes it rare like having naturally blonde hair, red hair, or blue eyes. Curly hair is typically passed down through one, dominant gene, but it takes a few recessive ones to possess hair’s straight counterpart.

Finally, We‘ve Found A Way To Make Straight Hair Hold A Curl

Our vexatious human nature to crave the things we aren’t naturally blessed with is particularly trying in the case of beauty. The lure and appeal of the forbidden fruit has us jumping through all kinds of strenuous hoops in a bid to succeed, none more so than in the case of making straight hair hold a damn curl.

Carefully constructed curls often drop within minutes (hours if you’re lucky) not long before straightening out completely. Short of spraying so much hairspray in your hair it feels like plastic, it seems an impossible feat. Thankfully, our Head Chemist at Function of Beauty has helped to explain the scientific structure of straight hair and how to get it to hold a curl that lasts the day through. “When you curl your hair, the heat allows your strands to bond together. However, when your hair gets wet or is affected by environmental stresses (wind, gravity etc), the hydrogen-oxygen combinations break down that bond and hair falls flat.”

Start with volume
Up keeping curls starts at the beginning of any hair cycle: with the shampoo and conditioner you use. When you mark down your hair goals, click ‘volumizing’ in your next updated Function of Beauty questionnaire. 'This way, your new formula can include ingredients like Rice Bran which bulk up hair by binding follicles together meaning they're less likely to slip out of style. “Rice bran also works to increase the diameter of the hair surface,” Mark adds, “which creates a protective coating and layer over the hair.”

Retaining a curl
Keep hair in a clamp for 3-5 minutes. The longer it is retained in a curl (even without heat), the longer-lasting the style will be. If you are using heat, just remember to shampoo and condition with products full of grape seed or linseed oil to protect against thermal damage.

Let gravity run its course
Lastly, it sounds counterintuitive but let curls fall. Once you remove your hot tool, to run your fingers through curls to loosen them slightly. Separating curls straight away makes them lighter which helps to defy gravity for longer.

The Easiest Way To Make Hair Superhero Strong

When you think of what our hair goes through everyday it’s no wonder it repeatedly has a colossal meltdown. If you’d been rinsed, clamped with raging heat and held in a tight rubber band, you’d feel pretty hurt too. But in the name of beauty, it has to toughen up and soldier on. As it’s impractical to say just forgo hot tools, beach holidays, hair dye and all other torture devices, we’re focusing on repair and strengthening. And there is no better place to start than with shampoo and conditioner. We’ve compiled the best combination of ingredients to help increase your hair's resilience and health.

Job one for stopping hair breakage is maintaining elasticity. Omegas, fatty acids, copper and magnesium are what to call on which are all found in flaxseed extracts.

You’ll see the perks of deep conditioning on any hair type, but for heat weakened hair, it becomes essential. Shea Butter is rich in vitamin A and E which add injects follicles with hydration as well as adding a protective glossy layer over dull flat hair.

Quinoa Protein serves as your suit of armor for protecting hair from environmental stresses. Active antioxidants, vitamin B and amino acids penetrate the hair and help it to retain moisture and minimize hair damage.