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We're shaking up your favorite store 
with custom shampoo + conditioner. Here’s how it works at Target.

step 1

Choose your shampoo + conditioner bases for your natural hair type (straight, wavy, curly, or coily).

Straight hair formula bottle Wavy hair formula bottle Curly hair formula bottle Coily hair formula bottle

step 2

Choose up to 3 #hairgoal booster shots 
(out of 10 options)

01 anti-frizz 02 soothe scalp 03 deep condition 04 volumize 05 color protection 06 shine 07 curl definition 08 thermal protection 09 lengthen 10 strengthen

step 3

Then you snap (open your #hairgoal),
 pour (1 into shampoo + 1 into conditioner), and shake (to activate).

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Formula creation demonstration Formula creation demonstration
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clean any way you mix it

Recycled bottles Sulfate-free Cruelty-free 92& Natural Clean

choose your fighter

Stuck between 
and Target? Here’s the breakdown:


Take the hair quiz + create your formula!

take the hair quiz
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Pick your products + mix it yourself at home

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Straight Hair Model Wavy Hair Model Curly Hair Model Coily Hair Model