Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Not yet... At the moment we can only take orders to the United Sates (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands). But it's not because you're not important to us (you really are!). We can't wait to share Function of Beauty worldwide and ship directly to you. There's a lot we need to sort out with customs, shipping, having an overseas production team, and most importantly, costs. Believe us, we're working day and night to get Function of Beauty on your doorstep as soon as possible.

Do all orders come with pumps?

They do! One for the shampoo and one for the conditioner.

Are your products vegan?

If you ordered after March 1, 2017, they are. Our products used to contain hydroxypropyltrimonium honey but after hearing from you and how important it was for our products to be vegan, we've changed our formulas.

Will colors affect my formula/or tint my hair?

Absolutely not! We've never heard this happening to anyone before. Plus, the amount of color we add to each bottle is minimal.

Do you offer a complete fragrance-free option?

Not at this time. If you're allergic to synthetic fragrances, we recommend our essential oils blend; it's a completely all-natural blend of oils with no synthetic fragrance. Please note, this still does have a slight minty fragrance.

Do you offer samples? What if I'm not happy with my customized set?

Because every bottle is made for a specific customer's needs, we cannot offer a generic sample since that would defeat the whole purpose of a having personalized formula. It rarely happens(less than 1% of all orders), but if you are not completely satisfied with your personalized formula we will happily offer a refund. Read more about our Happy Hair Guarantee here.

Do you accept Paypal?

We do!

Can I use special characters?

:( no, unfortunately at this time we are not able to print special characters on the bottles. However, we do hope you will get very creative with the letters we do provide! As we love seeing the inventive creations from our customers!

Can I purchase more than one set at a time?

Since each formula is customized, wrapped and shipped to savor its creativity, we are not able to create and package multiple sets for the same order. However, we fully support your mission to be swimming in Function :) We will provide the same care and attention to detail on each individual order to provide the unique experience that is us!

Are the bottles glass?

No, they are 100% recyclable, PETE grade plastic.

Are the bottles colored?

No, but all the product inside is! Our bottles are clear with white writing on the outside. This allows your beautiful, hand selected color to shine through and say 'Hi' every time you wash. Don't forget you can mix and match our color selection to suit any mood :)

How come my colors look different from someone else's?

Because, like you, your formula is 100% original! The colors can change significantly based off hair formula and goals selected. With over 12 billion combinations no orders are the same color, ever, but we feel this adds to the allure of our, and your, individuality!