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How do you define ‘beauty’? What is your journey with self love and self care? How has your unique experience with your hair shaped you as an individual?

As a beauty brand, it’s our responsibility to create conversations and tell stories that go deeper than the surface, and speak to how we identify as people.

That starts with you and your stories. Click on the link below to give us some basic info + a couple of selfies to get started.
Tell my story button


where are you posting my story?
Instagram! It's where we can reach the most people and make the biggest impact.
Do I need to have a certain amount of followers?
No! We are looking for real people - we don’t care how many followers you have :)
How will I know if I’m selected, what happens next?
If selected, we will notify you and let you know when your image is scheduled to go live. We will also send you two codes to redeem Function of Beauty products -- one for you and one to share with a friend!
Will I get credit for my image and story (caption)?
Absolutely! Your IG handle will be tagged in both the static post and the caption. If we use the post in a story, it will also be credited there.
Will you edit my image or copy?
We will only edit your caption for clarity and grammar (if applicable) and will ask for approvals before posting. The same goes for the image - in some instances, we may need to lighten, darken, or tone but we will seek your approval if we alter the photo before posting.
How many words should my caption be?
Captions can be anywhere between 10 and 150 words.
What kind of selfies are you looking for?
It should be smartphone camera quality or above, high resolution, unfiltered-- the rest is up to you.
Can I just submit a selfie?
We need both a selfie and caption.
What if I submit my selfie and then decide I don’t want it posted?
By submitting your selfie and caption, you are agreeing to be considered for feature on our Instagram account (@functionofbeauty). However, if selected, you will be notified before your image goes live.
What’s a good example of what you’re looking for?

Ashley Johnson

social media manager

from: all over, I'm an army brat.

Hi Function Fam! @itsashsocial here. Extreme beauty buff, avid foodie, and lover of all things hair.

To me, beauty means self-acceptance, confidence, and happiness. My relationship with beauty began with my mom always letting me know how beautiful I am — not only on the outside but inside as well. 4C hair, brown skin, and all!

As a social media manager for a beauty brand with a large platform, I want to always advocate for people of all ethnicities and skin tones so they can feel beautiful and represented in an industry that was not originally built to celebrate individuals. I am passionate about elevating Black voices in beauty because Black is beautiful!

love your natural hair, it is the crown you never take off. - Xoxo Ashley
see ashley's story live on our ig.