Your November (Hair)oscopes Are Here!

BY Dylan Chavles
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Do you follow your monthly horoscope? Do you enjoy talking about all things hair care-related? Yes? Then you’re going to love our monthly (hair)oscopes! At the beginning of each month, our resident hairstylist/astrologer Dylan Chavles will look to the cosmos to reveal what the month has in store for both you and your hair. See what lies ahead for your love life, career, potential new haircut, and more below!

Illustrations by Nicole Wang


Happy birthday fellow Scorpios!! We’re starting this birthday month with everyone’s personal fav, Mercury retrograde!  Reassessing who and what you prioritize is perfect for retrograde. I would consider making a pros and cons lists of questionable situations in your life to help you figure out what you should work on. On November 2nd, Venus (the planet of beauty and love) will line up with Jupiter (the planet of luck), in your house of finances.  This aspect will make money situations easier than usual for you. I would suggest treating yourself to something luxurious, but since it’s your birthday, maybe wait to see if someone gifts you a Function of Beauty gift card first.  


Happy birthday to some of you!  Birthdays are a great time for personal rebirth, especially during Mercury retrograde.  This retrograde is happening in your last house, so it’s time to wrap up any projects you have that are close to completion so you can spearhead something fresh and exciting at the end of the month when Mercury goes direct.  Venus and Jupiter will pair up together in your sign this month, making this the perfect time for nourishing relationships, pampering yourself, and doing absolutely anything else that makes you feel incredible. Venus and Jupiter will also hold your hand through that transformative hair color change you’ve been wanting, just make sure to hold off until the 22nd when retrograde is over! 


Hello to my favorite planners! November kicks off with Mercury retrograde, placing Mercury in your 11th house.  The 11th house rules your social life and the world on a larger scale, so this is a good time for you to look at your personal dynamics.  Are there people around that bring you down all the time? Make a mental note. Are there people in your life that bring you tons of joy? Spend more time with them!  Venus and Jupiter meet together in your 12th house, making you extra psychic and incredibly interested in the esoteric during this time. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to explore that falls into that category, I suggest exploring it heavily as this would be a perfect time to start. You can also use this time to multitask by applying your customized hair mask while you viciously study the tarot.


Dear Aquarius, don’t get into any trouble this month!  Mercury goes into retrograde on November 1st in your 10th house (house of authority and career), making you incredibly prone to getting in trouble.  Don’t run that red light, because you will get a ticket!  On a positive note, Venus and Jupiter meet up together in your 11th house on November 2nd, bringing more luck and love to your interpersonal relationships.  This aspect will encourage you to deepen current connections you have, and also help spark new ones. This is a great month for flirting if you’re into that; just make sure you’re stocked up on plenty of non-aerosol dry shampoo in case you’re not sleeping at home a ton this month!


Hold off on booking that spontaneous flight this month! Mercury goes into retrograde on November 1st, specifically in your house of travel and higher knowledge.  This retrograde is asking you to *consider* where to travel to, whether it be physical or emotional. It’s the perfect time to go inward and work own your emotional intelligence.  Luckily, Venus and Jupiter are bringing luck and love into your 10th house of career and authority. This is the perfect time to ask for more in your workplace, or maybe push an idea you’ve been working on.  The New Moon at the end of the month will also be in your 10th house, so make sure you have a fresh haircut before your hard work comes to fruition.


Are you afraid of anything? Of course, you are my powerful Aries! It’s time to look at what you’re scared of whether you like it or not, as Mercury Retrograde sits in your 8th house from November 1st to November 21st.  The 8th house rules sex, death, and other people’s money (all the good things in life). The 8th house also tends to illuminate our deepest secrets, and Mercury Retrograde wants you to take a look at what you’re afraid of and how to work on it.  On November 2nd, Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct in your 9th house, making it a fantastic time for planning a trip. Venus wants this trip to be a romantic one, so be sure to pack your custom hair serum to ensure your hair looks smooth and shiny every step of the way. 


Gear up for an explosive month, Mercury Retrograde takes place in your 7th house of relationships from November 1st to November 21st.  This is an incredible opportunity for you to really shine a light on the relationships in your life. The next three weeks will be eye-opening, so don’t ignore any signs!  Uranus in your first house is also begging for freedom, so if you have any relationships that are holding you back, it’s going to be hard for you to continue them. On a positive note, Venus and Jupiter pair up together in your 8th house on November 2nd, bringing you closer to the people in your life that you’re SUPPOSED to be close to.  The 8th house also rules other people’s finances in relation to you, so if you have a partner, they might also receive a good chunk of change this month. They should absolutely spend it on the best customizable hair mask they can possibly find and give it to you because you absolutely deserve it.


Dear Gemini, I know I’ve been asking you to slow down and take care of yourself, and now Mercury Retrograde in your 6th house of health and service is begging you to as well.  You’ll need the rest to reap the full benefits of November because Mars enters your 6th house on the 20th. This is an incredible time to make tons of money and spearhead new projects in the workplace.  You’ll also need beauty rest, as you have won the astrological romantic lottery for November. Jupiter (the planet of luck), Venus (the planet of love), your sun, and the New Moon will all be lined up in your house of relationships.  This is the perfect energy to ignite something with a new soulmate, or really deepen a connection with an existing one. Make sure you have an extra set of your custom shampoo and conditioner to keep in that new special person’s bathroom!


My little crab, Mercury Retrograde is in your 5th house of creativity this month.  This is asking you to pay attention to your creative side if you haven’t been already.  Do you have a project you’ve put off? Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time for you to come back to it and finish it up.  Jupiter and Venus also pair up in your 6th house of work and health, so get back in the gym if you’ve been wanting to because November is begging you to pay attention to your well being. The full moon on November 12th is also asking you to revisit your friendships.  Being a water sign, you’re naturally psychic, so if you have a bad feeling about someone, just know you’re usually right. On a positive note, if you feel really good about someone, you’re probably right! Spend time deepening a friendship this month, maybe even use your psychic abilities to figure out what product is missing from their hair care routine and then surprise them with it!


My little lion, it’s time to kick back in the den for a bit. Mercury retrograde takes place from November 1st through November 21st.  For you, Mercury is in the 4th house of home, which makes this month the perfect time to reflect on what you can do to improve not only your living situation but also the other aspects of your private life that might need some fine-tuning. On a fun note, Venus and Jupiter are pairing up in your 5th house of creativity and love!  November lends itself to you exercising the right side of your brain and getting a little weird with it! Is there a new creative endeavor you’ve been thinking about? Or maybe a new person? Or maybe even a new, unconventional haircut? Whatever it is, let your freak flag fly!


My sweet Virgo, your ruler, Mercury, is going into retrograde November 1st through November 21st.  This retrograde also takes place in your third house of communication, making it a particularly difficult time to bring new ideas to fruition.  The cool thing about retrograde is that it’s a fantastic time to write! If there’s something you need to say but are unsure of it, write it down first! You love being thorough and concise, and this is a great time to practice those qualities.  It’s also a perfect time for learning and absorbing information, maybe read that book you’ve been staring at on your bedside table for months. Maybe concoct the perfect shampoo and conditioner you’ve been needing for months as well. The world is your oyster!


Have you been ignoring your bank account?  Well, it’s time to look at it! Mercury goes into retrograde November 1st, and it takes place in your house of finances.  The next three weeks are asking you to reorganize yourself financially. This is a great time to create budgets and reassess your money situation.  On a brighter note, Venus and Jupiter pair up in your house of communication, making your socializing skills better than usual. November is a great time to deepen a connection with someone, or maybe reach out to someone you’d like to spend more time with in any capacity.  Maybe reach out to your hairdresser and get that haircut they’ve been telling you would look incredible on you—luck is on your side!

Illustrations by Nicole Wang.

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