Which Function Fragrance Is Perfect for You?

BY Ana Salazar
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While many of us love to have a year-round, signature scent, we understand that sometimes we crave a little change! Luckily for you, Function of Beauty offers a wide range of hair care and body care fragrances to enhance your current mood, style, or stage in life. 

Unfortunately, technological advances have yet to cover the online, scratch-and-sniff territory, but we’ve gone ahead and come up with an in-depth breakdown of all of our scents. So, whether you’re trying to switch it up for the new season or you’re just wanting to conjure an old memory, Function’s got you covered. 

nude (p)each

* top rated scent!

Top Notes: Peach nectar, mandarin, lemon zest, jasmine. 

Reminds us of: Cutting up fresh, juicy peaches on a hot summer day. 


Top Notes: Pear, apple, sweet musk, subtle florals. 

Reminds us of: Biting into a juicy pear on a crisp fall day.

strike a (r)ose

Top Notes: Rose, black currant, sandalwood, orange blossom. 

Reminds us of: A cool, modern rose fragrance with a bit of edge.

all (you)calyptus

* all natural fragrance

Top Notes: Eucalyptus, mint, lavender, rosemary. 

Reminds us of: An exhilarating hike through the misty mountain tops.

takes two to (m)ango

Top Notes: Mango, grapefruit, sandalwood.

Reminds us of: Slicing into fresh mango, drenched in sun, with juice dripping down your hand.

true l(o)vender

* all natural fragrance

Top notes: Lavender, eucalyptus, bergamot.

Reminds us of: Relaxing in your clean sheets after a hot shower.

milk(shea)ke – subscriber only

Top Notes: Shea butter, vanilla. 

Reminds us of: Indulging in a rich, creamy dessert.

cherry bl(awesome) – subscriber only

Top Notes: Cherry blossoms, jasmine, amber, lilies. 

Reminds us of: A romantic springtime stroll at peak bloom.

isn’t she (bubb)ly – subscriber only

Top notes: Effervescent champagne, hints of sweet orange peel oil, grapefruit oil.

Reminds us of: The countdown to midnight, buzzing with bubbly excitement. (subscriber only)

Fragrances can definitely be subjective, but we like to think we have something for everyone (even those who want to go fragrance-free!). The best part of it all? Function of Beauty allows you to add these fragrances to multiple custom products – not just your shampoo and conditioner! Whether it’s your go-to or a new pick, try our scents in custom purple shampoo, hair mask, hair serum, leave-in, body wash and body lotion.

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