How the Function of Beauty Team Styles Their Hair for the Beach

BY Alyssa Montemurro
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Don’t get us wrong; we love the beach just as much as the next girl—give us that sun, sand, and surf!—but one thing we don’t love is what the beach does to our precious locks. For those of us who are seemingly incapable of emerging from the ocean with perfect Gisele-like waves, a trip to the beach can mean disaster as far as our hairstyle goes. Do you pile your hair into a top knot and hope it stays? Do you give up and just shove it all underneath a baseball hat? Or do you just let it do its thing and hope that all that sand, sweat, and salt doesn’t turn it into one big, frizzy mess? It’s a problem that even our own Function of Beauty team isn’t immune to, although it is one that we’ve learned to master over the years with a few protective and heat-resistant hairstyles. Below, we’ve outlined a complete step-by-step guide to each of our team’s go-to beach day hairstyles so you too can master the look ahead of this Fourth of July weekend. From the perfect beach-to-boardwalk ponytail to the coolest curly-haired twists, here are the quick and easy hairstyles the Function of Beauty team swears by for an effortless (and super cute!) day at the beach.

Alyssa’s Scarf Ponytail:

Alyssa Montemurro: Editor 

Step by Step Guide

1. Pull your hair into a high ponytail. 
2. Fold your scarf into a long, skinny shape. 
3. Wrap the scarf around the base of the ponytail so that both sides are even.
4. Tie the scarf into a knot or, if you enough material, a bow and secure any loose pieces with bobby pins. For a more relaxed look, allow some face-framing pieces to hang loose and blow freely in the wind. 

Afshan’s Dutch Braids:

Afshan Wali Mohammad: Associate Manager, Social

Step by Step Guide

1. Comb out your damp hair and part it down the middle from the crown to the nape of the neck. 
2. Apply a small amount of leave-in treatment to both sides, making sure to distribute evenly. 
3. Create your dutch braids on each side.
4. Secure at the ends with a hair tie. 
5. To finish the look, apply a small touch of leave-in treatment to any areas that need extra frizz-taming. 
*Bonus: Remove the braids later in the day to reveal perfectly undone beachy waves!

Nailah’s “Cinnamon Twist”:

Nailah Thompson: Executive Assistant Office Manager

Step by Step Guide
1. Start by pulling your hair into a high, messy bun.
2. Take a square silk scarf and fold it into a triangle shape.
3. Fold the triangle shape up multiple times until it becomes a long, thin ‘rectangular’ shape.
4. Wrap the scarf around the back of your head and tie it in the front, making sure that both ends are even when making the knot.
5. Tie it up two more times, being sure to tie upwards to create a tiny rolled shape at the center of the scarf.
6. Twist each hanging end around itself and tuck it behind your head into the scarf. Secure and loose ends with a bobby pin if needed. 

Reese’s Braided Messy Bun:

Reese Shebel: Art Director

Step by Step Guide

1. Partition the hair at the ear line to form two sections of hair. 
2. Pile the top half section of hair into a messy bun and secure with a hair elastic. 
3. Take the bottom section of your hair and form a braid. 
4. Wrap the braid around the base of the bun and secure with bobby pins where needed. 

Jenna’s French Twists

Jenna Josepher: Creative Director

Step by Step Guide

1. Part the hair down the center from the crown to the nape of the neck.
2. Liberally apply hair gel to the first side.
3. Starting at the crown, begin twisting your hair into a tight spiral. 
4. With every couple of inches, make sure to pull in any loose hairs to incorporate into the twist and secure with bobby pins as you go.
5. Once the twist reaches the nape of the neck, secure it with a hair elastic. 
6. Wrap the hair into a small bun at the nape of the neck and secure with bobby pins
7. Repeat steps 2-6 on the other side.
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