Function of Beauty’s Product Safety

BY Laura Casciola
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We stand behind all of our products and are confident in their safety. Every ingredient we use across our formulations meets both US and EU cosmetic regulations– some of the strictest in the world– and all of our formulations are reviewed by an expert toxicologist. Beyond these measures, our products are manufactured in the United States and undergo a rigorous clinical testing process to ensure safety and quality control.

How do we know our formulations are safe?

All of our products undergo a rigorous testing process, including both internal and third-party tests. Below are just a few of the many measures that we take to ensure quality control:

  • We carefully select our ingredients from vetted, reputable suppliers and ensure we use them in recommended usage levels
  • We check every single ingredient before it goes into formulation to verify it meets international regulations
  • We require toxicology data on all our ingredients prior to use, including Acute Toxicity, Chronic Toxicity, Irritation, Sensitization, Carginocenity, Mutagenicity, Reprotoxicity, and have all ingredients reviewed by an expert toxicologist 
  • All of our products have passed stability testing, meaning that they do not change adversely over time
  • We conduct microbial challenge testing to ensure preservation of our formulations against bacteria and fungi, including packaging compatibility testing
  • All of our products are tested on people to ensure they are non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin. This protocol includes a Dermatologist evaluation
  • During production, we conduct randomized lab testing + visual inspections

We get feedback from real people

Every function product goes through In-Home Usage Tests, where participants representing different hair and skin profiles use our products at home to validate product performance. After 2 more more weeks, they provide us with feedback on their experience. Our products undergo an independent 3rd party clinical test called the Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT) to ensure our formulations are safe to use.

All of our products are dermatologist-tested. Our skincare and Target products are also all verified to be suitable for sensitive skin.

All in all, safety and quality are our utmost priorities. We’re passionate about customer satisfaction and are always happy to hear from you– if you have questions about our ingredients, safety, or your formula, please email us at

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