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6 Hair Hacks That Will Help Make Your Thin Hair Look Thicker

Having hair that looks full and luscious is basically the ultimate hair goal, right? Well, it likely is anyways if your hair is anything but. That’s because, like most things in life, we tend to crave the things we don’t have, which means that for those of us with finer-than-fine hair, thick, bouncy, voluminous-looking manes are typically at the very top of our wish lists. Unfortunately, as anyone with baby-fine hair will tell you, achieving even the slightest bit of body and volume can feel like a near-impossible task. Trust us—we’ve been there. That’s why we recently tapped our team of in-house hair care experts to give us the scoop on the quick and easy hacks that are guaranteed to help make our thin hair appear fuller and thicker. Trust us when we say, these tips can make all the difference.

Get frequent trims

Have you ever noticed that your hair always feels a bit thicker in the days immediately following a hair cut? That’s because even the slightest trim can help remove unwanted split ends and even out your hair, making it feel less straggly and stringy, which we all know is a thin-haired girl’s worst nightmare. For an instant thickening solution then, we recommend getting a quick trim every six to eight weeks to ensure your ends stay well-maintained.

Reconsider your cut

Speaking of frequent trims, if your hair if on the thinner end of the spectrum, you may want to reconsider how you’re cutting your hair in the first place. While long hair certainly has its perks (dramatic hair flip, anyone?), a shorter, blunt cut can actually do a lot to help add body, volume, and fullness to naturally thin, limp hair as longer styles tend to weigh the hair down, making your hair goals that much harder to achieve. The next time you go to your hairstylist then, ask about ditching some of your length in favor of a super trendy bob or lob cut. The shorter style is a surefire way to add instant thickness and body to otherwise lank hair, while also ridding your mane of any unwanted breakage and damage.

Cleanse and condition the right way

As if dealing with thin hair wasn’t already challenging enough, it’s no secret that these hair types also tend to become greasier faster than other hair types, as the shaft of fine hair tends to be smoother and less porous, which allows oils to sit more visible on top of the hair. To help combat this, we recommend not necessarily shampooing more often, as that can dry your hair out if done too frequently, but rather focusing your shampoo (preferably a volume-boosting, sulfate-free formula) on the roots where these oils tend to collect and build up. Once properly cleaned, it’s also highly recommended that you avoid applying conditioner to your scalp as it can weigh the hair down. Instead, use just enough to coat the strands from the mid-shafts down, as this will help keep your hair looking fresh and voluminous up top.

Choose better products

While we love the benefits of a nourishing hair oil or styling cream just as much as the next girl, heavy, oil-based products typically aren’t the best option for those with finer hair. Hydrating and effective though they may be, they can also weigh your delicate hair down, causing it to look—that’s right, you guessed it—flat and greasy. But don’t worry—that doesn’t mean you have to give up on styling products completely. Instead, we recommend sticking to those that offer “hold” and “texture,” like a non-aerosol dry shampoo, sea salt spray, texturizing mist, or volumizing mousse. Not only are they light enough for your thin strands, but they can also help give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair by coating the hair shafts in polymers, which act as a sort of thickening agent.

And don’t worry, should you feel the need for an extra dose of hydration, shine, or thermal protection, we’ve got you covered. Our leave-in treatment, though rich and nourishing like a styling cream, is also fully customizable according to your hair type, which means that even those with ultra-fine hair can reap its restorative benefits without the risk of any buildup or residue.

Play with your part 

Okay—hear us out. We know it sounds simple, but switching up the way you part your hair is actually one of the easiest ways to get the look of thicker hair. Tend to opt for a straight forward middle part? Try altering your look with a deep side part for an instant dose of body and volume. Seriously, you’ll be shocked at the number of compliments you receive.

Rethink the heat

We all know that heat styling isn’t exactly the best thing for our hair, but let’s be honest, sometimes we just need a sleek, polished blowout to help get us through the week. That said, if you’re dealing with thin hair, you may want to reconsider your hot tool usage—especially if a flat iron is involved. While great at adding extra polish and smoothness to hair, it can also cause your hair to appear a bit flatter and thinner, which is something you definitely don’t want. Instead, try using your flat iron to create sleek beachy-style waves, which will not only help give your strands some extra width but will also add dimension and texture so that hair appears fuller. Even better, allow your hair to air dry naturally first to help enhance your hair’s natural texture before finishing it off with a few spritzes of texturizing sea salt spray.

Ready to inject some healthy body into your strands? Find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your fine hair now by taking the hair quiz here!

Achieving the Perfect Glass Hair Look is Actually Really Easy — Here’s How to Do It

If you’ve been on Instagram at any point in the last year (and let’s face it, you know you have), chances are you’re already quite familiar with the “glass hair” trend. First coined by Refinery29 in 2018, glass hair refers to those smooth, impossibly sleek styles that appear so glossy and luminous that they actually mimic the appearance of glass (cool, right?). It’s a look that has dominated social media feeds and red carpets alike in recent months and one that doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon if the hashtag #glasshair is any indication. Still, for those of us who don’t have a glam squad at our beck and call, achieving that enviable glass hair look can be a bit of a challenge. That is, until now. 

At the risk of tooting our own horn, we recently launched our first fully customizable hair serum and as it turns out, it’s actually really helpful when it comes to mastering the sleek, glass hair look of your dreams. Skeptical? Below, we’ve outlined our go-to glass hair routine to show just how easy it is. All you need is your customizable hair serum, a blow-dryer, a flat iron, and a good brush. Read on to learn more!

In the shower

While some hairstyles actually work best with 2nd-day hair, the glass hair look is not one of them. For the shiniest, sleekest results, it’s best to start with clean strands that have been washed with a shine-enhancing formula like Function of Beauty’s customizable shampoos and conditioners. In addition to being super moisturizing and free of any harmful ingredients, our formulas also give you the option to add up to five hair goals, including everything from shine and anti-frizz to hydrate and fix split ends. For an added boost of glass-like shine, try one of our all-time favorite hair hacks: rinsing your hair with cold water. By finishing your shower routine with a cold rinse, you’re actually helping to seal your hair cuticle so that it lays more smoothly, which in turn will help it to better reflect light so that it appears more lustrous.

Post-shower prep

Now for the fun part: applying your hair serum! While your hair is still damp dispense the recommended amount of your formula into your hands and gently rub them together for a few seconds to help activate the serum. Once warmed up, gently apply the serum from the mid-shafts to the ends, being careful to avoid the scalp as this could cause your strands (especially those with naturally fine, oily hair) to appear flat and greasy. For added moisture, shine, and heat protection, you can also apply your customizable leave-in treatment as it will provide a protective seal around your strands that will not only help prevent heat damage but also help your hair cuticle to lay flat for an ultra-sleek finish. 

Perfect your blowout

When it comes to mastering glass hair, it’s essential that you get your blow-drying technique just right. The key is to make sure that you’re smoothing the hair cuticle down as you go so that it dries smooth and flat. To start, be sure to attach the flat nozzle to your hairdryer to help direct the flow of air. Using a large, flat brush, gather a small section of hair at a time and point the nozzle down onto the hair shaft. It may feel time-consuming, but by doing so you’ll be helping to keep the cuticle layer as flat and tight as possible so that you can spend less time on the next step. 

Straighten up

Should your hair still need a little help reaching its straight potential, don’t worry, that’s what your flat iron is for. Start by running your straightener over small sections of your hair (only where needed), being sure not to hold it over one spot as this can not only cause kinks in your hair but also unwanted heat damage. If your hair requires a little bit more effort to straighten, you may also want to consider brushing your hair as you straighten it by running a flat brush through your hair and immediately following it with your flat iron. 

The finishing touches

To help lock in your sleek new look, we suggest finishing your routine off with another round of hair serum by running a small amount through the mid-shafts and ends. Just remember, a little goes a long way here, so be wary of overdoing it. Should you just want to tame a few random flyaways, we recommend rubbing a small drop or two of serum through the palm of your hands and then, using two fingers, gently apply it to the strands using a pressing motion anywhere you want added frizz control. The result will be 100% glass hair perfection. See, now wasn’t that easy! 

Ready to make hair serum a part of your daily hair care routine? Head here to start customizing your hair’s perfect formula!

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